Management E-Store

Our Management e-store only take payments with TCard Plus for all item purchases.


TCard Plus

What is TCard Plus?

TCard Plus is a new way to pay using your existing official University of Toronto Identification Card (TCard). Your TCard will be accepted as a form of payment at food outlets, vending machines, laundry machines, printers, photocopiers and academic departments across UTSC as well as the UTSC Book Store.

Why TCard Plus?

TCard Plus is your gateway to fast, safe, and smart purchases on and off campus.

Your Tcard Plus is:

  • FAST - Paying with your TCard is faster than debit, credit and cash. Pay with your TCard to get through payment points faster and save valuable time.
  • SAFE - You no longer need to carry cash on campus and your funds are protected even if you lose your TCard.
  • SMART - Save money by taking advantage of TCard Plus savings and specials. Plus save up to 18% on all of your meals when you purchase a meal plan.


If I lose my card, do i lose the money i have on it?

No. If your lose your card or is stolen, it is very important for you to immediately report it lost/stolen through eAccounts portal. Your money in your TCard Plus account(s) is protected from the time you report your card lost/stolen. You will also be required to report your card lost with the Library in order to protect any library services available through your card. Please note, all replacement cards are produced at the TCard office located in the library.

If my Card is not working What should I do?

If you are experiencing trouble using your card please follow the following trouble shooting steps:

Ensure you have sufficient funds in your account(s) by visiting the eAccounts portal

If you have sufficient funds, but continue to experience trouble using your card, please visit Student Helpdesk (BV 487) for further assistance.

If after the following the above steps, you continue to experience trouble using your card, please visit the TCard Plus office (BV 498A) for further assistance.

Hours of Operation

TCard Plus office (BV 498A):
Monday - Thursday: 11AM - 3PM
Friday: CLOSED

Copy Kats (SW 209) (Cash/Coin Deposits only)
Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 7:30PM
Friday: 9AM - 5PM